Spiked Speedwell

Services and Fees

We cultivate rare plants for species recovery projects and habitat restoration schemes. We offer the following services:


  • Advice on rare plant reintroductions and translocations.


  • Wild seed collection.


  • Cultivation of seeds and plants for reintroduction projects and habitat restoration schemes.


  • Practical management including preparation of plant reintroduction sites.


  • Planting out cultivated material at reintroduction sites.


  • Long term monitoring of introduced plant populations.


We also supply plants and seeds from our collection to other botanical institutions and researchers. This material is usually provided free of charge.


Please contact us to discuss your particular project requirements and the associated fees.


We do not supply material to the general public.


Our gardens are not open to the general public.


All of our plants were collected with land owners permission and, where necessary, under the appropriate licence. Many of our plants were donated by amateur botanists, research scientists, and botanical institutions. Unless otherwise indicated, all of our plants have impeccable British provenance.